Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Having a "Moment" with Henry

After school today, Henry walked in the door and had a snack. He then proceeded to practice his trumpet, do some homework, practice his keyboarding and math facts, and finished two projects. He did all of this without complaining, knowing that it all had to be done before he went to Religious Education class at 7:15. At one point, I looked over his shoulder, and seeing what a good job he was doing on his communication skills project, I actually got a little teary. I asked him to look at me, and said to him,
"Henry, I am so proud of you! You are hard-working, responsible and organized, and your grades are top-notch. You have come such a long way from some of the struggles you had last year. It has been a joy to watch you develop as a student this year. You are amazing me!"
Seriously? You should have seen his smile. He was beaming.
It was such a moment between us, and I will always remember it. :)

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Monkee said...

Ya know, for all the things they do that get under our skin, it's moments like *this* that make remember how wonderful they are and how much they really *do* listen and take what we say to heart. Good Job, Henry! Way to make your mama proud!:)