Monday, August 29, 2011

Super Sports Saturday

Saturday morning was fun.

After all, we had front row seats to our favorite sporting events... (Caroline's second from the left)

Caroline's soccer game (she's number 3),

as well as Evan's soccer game! They did great! Caroline scored a goal!
Evan's team won!
Evan and his friend, Matthew, stayed right with the ball the whole game!

They loved the treats after the game!

After Caroline and Evan's games, we headed over to watch Seth's football game. Seth is wearing the number 4 jersey. Can you find him?

He's in this picture too, the third crouching player from the left.

He played great! He's on the kickoff team and plays defensive tackle. His team won by a couple of touchdowns, making their season record 2-0!! Go White Knights!!

Dave announced the game from the booth. The kids were pretty impressed with that.

Our team even has cheerleaders!

So proud of my kiddos and my husband!

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Monkee said...

I love football. :) BTW: My Football player is #4 too ;)