Monday, August 22, 2011

Meet the teachers!

We're down to only two at the elementary school this year. (We have kids at three different schools this year, middle school, elementary school, and preschool. YIKES!) Today I took the two elementary schoolers (Seth and Caroline) to their supply drop off day. They were able to meet their teachers, tour their classrooms, and organize their cubbies and desks.

I do believe Caroline instantly fell in love with her new teacher, Mrs. Hill. Caroline said that she is funny and pretty. :) I love that she has had a lot of experience at teaching 2nd graders, has taught in our district for a while, and before that taught at a Catholic school. I have good feelings about this year! (Note the side ponytail Caroline insisted on wearing to meet her new teacher! FANCY!!)

Caroline was a little dissappointed though that her best friends are not in her class. The four of them were in class together last year. I can't imagine...


...last year's teacher chose to seperate them. Or maybe I can. ;)
Caroline was happy to have her friend, Vivian, in her class, as well as her friend, Emily, who will sit right across from her. To top it off, Aidan, who Caroline and all her friends love, is in her class as well. ;)

Seth was so excited to have Mrs. Bateman for his 4th grade teacher. Henry had her for his fifth grade teacher last year. The boys thought it was pretty cool that Mrs. Bateman switched from teaching 5th to 4th just in time for Seth to have her. She comes highly recommended to him. :)

Mrs. Sensor is the aide in Seth's classroom. She worked with Mrs. Bateman last year too. Henry said that she was very nice!

But the thing that Seth is the happiest about is that his good friend, Will, is in his class! These two have never been in class together before, so when Seth got the news that Will would be with him, there was loud cheering!!
Can't believe school starts this Wednesday!

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Monkee said...

How Fun!! We had Ours Yesterday was madness! Little Man Barely got to SEE his teacher, let alone talk to her lol! :)