Monday, August 22, 2011

Our last summer weekend!

On this last Monday before school starts, I have a lot of random pictures to post from our very busy last weekend of summer.

(I can't believe it. Somehow summer vacation is almost completely over. School is starting this week. Wow. It seems surreal to say that. We have all of their school supplies packed, and yet I don't feel like we're ready. We packed so much in to this summer, and yet I don't feel like we did enough. I'm ready to have a little more time on my own, and yet I want them here with me.)

I'm a bit torn. ;)

So anyways, here goes...our last weekend of the summer!

I love my town. I love the parade that honors it every August. I love that my children are in it, watch it with their grandparents, Dave and I. I love the tractors, the music, the lack of politicians, sitting with friends, everything. I love our little slice of Americana!

Evan was our only child sitting with us at first because the other kids were in the first part of the parade. Our sweet little boy will have his turn in the coming years...

He was a little excited about the parade, and the possibility of getting lots of candy from it!

He worked it the whole time. Sometimes if the people handing out candy in the parade didn't see him, he would have to chasse along side of them until they noticed him.

And this is what he looked like if they didn't...

At the fourth of July parade this year, when Evan saw Ronald McDonald, he turned and flashed me the most amazing delighted smile. It was one of those magical moments, so sweet but too fleeting to capture on camera. Evan was still pretty awestruck by Ronald at this parade.

Caroline was in the parade for the first time this year!

She rode in the back of a truck with her fellow Brownies, Daisies and Girl Scouts, and gave us a brilliant smile and wave when she passed us.

Then she was able to get out of the truck and throw candy to the kids along the parade route. (She gave a special handful to her little brother.)
Next up, we saw Henry and his friend, Alex hard at work passing out Boy Scout fliers along the parade route.

They were dressed as pancakes to advertise for the pancake breakfast they had Saturday morning! Ha!

Next up was Seth. He walked with his football team, the White Knights...

...and he was so proud!

I love the bagpipers that walk in our parade every year. This is the second year in a row that they took a detour through the downtown pub! :)

Our four kiddos!

After the parade, we went to the carnival for a little bit. It was so hot and humid, we couldn't bear it! Thankfully Dave and I were able to convince the kids that we should come back for more the next night. Unfortunately, the next night I forgot to bring my camera, so all I have from the carnival was this one picture I took from the first night. Our carnival fun was woefully underdocumented. :( Oh well...

Seth's first football game was on Saturday! Our whole family went to cheer him on. The kids played great, won 15-0, and their fans were very impressed and excited. I think that we were the loudest and best cowbell players of the tournament. ;)
Our football player!

We've loved Seth's coaches. They've been tough on Seth when they need to be, but are very encouraging too.

In other news...Miss Caroline lost another tooth! Even though she told me I had dibs to pull out this tooth (Grandpa's done 3, I've done 2, and she had done 2.), she went ahead and pulled this one out herself. Stinker! :) Love that gap-toothed smile!

She went all out to prepare for the tooth fairy. She made him a bed, laid out a few toys, gave him some company (smurfs), and wrote him a note to ask if he would please give her some fairy dust.

He did not dissappoint my princess! He wrote a note of congratulations and thanks, and gave her some pink fairy dust to treasure.

On Sunday, we went to the lake. We celebrated Dave's birthday, and took this family picture. Five nice smiles, and one funny face. Can you guess who?!

We had to leave the lake early because Henry's boy scout troop was responsible for cleaning up the garbage at our town's carnival. I tell you, we all have newfound respect for garbagemen after our two hour shift. What made it bearable (and truthfully, kind of fun) was that we did it with some good friends,

and we got to ride "gators",

and I got to laugh a lot with my good friend, Karen.
And to top it all off, our boys were being good scouts and serving their community! Good job, Henry and Matthew!

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Yeah, I guess you never think about who has to clwan that all up!! Wow! Great job guys! Happy Birthday Dave!