Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A New Adventure

It was a big day for Henry. After he had an eye appointment and ordered new glasses, we went out to lunch together, just him and me. Then we went to Walmart to pick up a few supplies for his locker and headed over to his school.

His brand new middle school, that is! Our boy is a 6th grader!

The school was open today for the kids to open their locker for the first time,

organize and stock it with school supplies,
pick up their schedule and walk through it, tour the building, and buy gym uniforms and lunch passes.

I am really thankful that they had this orientation day. I wasn't sure how he would be feeling about going to middle school next week, but with today under his belt, he actually seems pretty excited. In addition to getting settle with his schedule and his locker, he met his cross-country coach. He's young and fun, and Henry immediately liked him. :)

Another thing that has helped Henry feel more comfortable about starting middle school is that he went to band camp there every day for two weeks. They recently had a performance and picnic where they were able to showcase their new skills. Unfortunately my camera wasn't functioning properly, so I only have one blurry IPhone picture to represent the whole event! Henry and his good friend, Alex, are right in the middle.

I am excited for Henry, and admittedly a little nervous too. I'm praying that he has a good year!

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Monkee said...

Ah yes, Middle School. :) Cassie is starting 6th grade too! Last year the 5th grade wing was IN the Middle School so she could start to get the Feel for it, but it is still a big transition for her. We will be doing this same exact thing on Monday :) Good luck, Henry!