Monday, August 15, 2011

Evan's first sleepover

For a long time, Evan has watched his older brothers and sister go to sleepovers. And lately, he has been questioning why he isn't big enough to do the same. So when some good friends invited our three oldest for a sleepover on Friday night (they have three children that are our children's ages), we decided that it would be a perfect time for Evan to have his very first sleepover all by himself. We asked my parents to do the honor, and they happily obliged!

After Evan got a loving send-off from his big sister...

he hopped into his grandparents' car...

so excited to have them to himself for a couple of days. :)

First stop was McDonald's where they treated him to a Happy Meal, which was a big hit because included in it was a smurf. In case you didn't know, those things are BIG again, just like they were when I was a kid! (Grandma and Grandpa were quite impressed with Evan's ability to use his fingers as chopsticks to pick up his french fries. I'm not sure where he developed that talent...)

Next stop? They went to a store where there was a parrot who could talk. Now it was Evan's turn to be quite impressed!

Then it was off to Cosley Park, a local zoo where they have animals a-plenty, interactive exhibits... well as a really cool caboose to tour.

Then it was off to our favorite fishing spot, the same one that my dad took me to when I was little.

Here's Evan posing with his worms! :)

Yes, he caught some fish, nice little Bluegill that he got to see and touch, and then throw back into the water.

After a big busy day, Evan went to bed without the least bit of homesickness. Such a big boy! The next morning he made breakfast with his Grandma and Grandpa. They went into the back yard and picked an apple from a new tree that just had its first fruit this year!

This is the one Evan picked!

Proud Grandpa and proud Grandson! They used what they picked to make their own apple pancakes! (Evan told me he LOVED them!)

Evan toured their whole garden, which really is a magical place. There are so many beautiful plants and flowers, as well as lots and lots of fruits and vegetables growing there.

Check out this prize cabbage...

...and corn that is "as high as an elephant's eye"! (See Evan's eyes peeking through it?!)

This next picture is specifically posted for my sister, Lisa, and her husband, Jim. All I've got to say to you two is, "It's genetic."

Evan picked carrots...

and lots of tomatoes "one by one"...

After all of that gardening fun, these three adventurers went to see the Perry Mastadon, a local treasure exhibited at the college in my hometown. This is what he looked like when he was alive...

and these are the giant Mastadon bones from long ago that were found somewhere close to campus.

After that, my sweet parents took took Evan to a sweet shoppe.

The Popcorn Store was originally an alley between two buildings that was enclosed for use as a tiny store...

just perfect to house just about every penny candy imaginable. Evan was in heaven!

On the way home, they stopped by the French Market, where they met two good friends. The one in the red shirt is Ellie, who was our neighbor on our street when I was growing up. The one is yellow is Marilyn, who is mom to one of my high school friends.

Seriously, can you believe the fun they fit into those two days?!!! Would you look at that smile on my son's face?
I think its safe to say that Evan's first sleepover was a smashing success! Thanks, Mom and Dad!

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Monkee said...

Now he'll expect all that fun EVERY time he sees them! hahaha! Sounds likea great weekend! Did mom and dad have a date night since all the kids were gone? hmm? ;) hehehe