Monday, August 15, 2011

Reality has sunk in.

Oh summer. I have such mixed feelings about you. I love you and I hate you. I want you to last forever, and I can't wait for you to end. You always bring some of the sweetest of memories, and some of the most frustrating of challenges.

Fall and the start of school is looming on the horizon. It's a mere week and a half away. It is boggling my mind how school just let out yesterday, I swear, and now here we go again. We're nearing the end of the kids being mainly mine, with us choosing exactly what we want to do when we want to do it. FUN TIMES. And on the flip side, we're nearing the end of the kids being with me ALL DAY LONG, and most of the time feeling like I can't get a single thing accomplished. MESSY, DISORGANIZED HOUSE.

Time is ticking away to the end of this summer, and I honestly am so conflicted about if I want to freeze it or hurry it up! Last week I actually got laundry done, and the house decluttered and cleaned. It was tough fitting it all in with all of the fun things we had going on, but it does relieve some stress to have that done. Today, fresh from a fantastic weekend at the lake, the upcoming schedule looks daunting. Today it seems very real that school is just around the corner. This week we have appointments (amongst other things, new glasses for Henry) and school errands galore (new clothes and shoes), and one sick dog to figure out and get groomed. Plus lots o' playdates, one hometown festival and parade, a boy scout meeting and committment, a carnival, a final fling with some girlfriends before school starts, a middle school orientation, my husband's birthday and a datenight, and, oh, yes, I forgot...a garage sale I'm supposed to have this weekend.

(Take a deep breath, Sarah. One day at a time.)

I'd say that I am looking forward to school being in session so that I can get a break in this kind of a schedule, but I have the sneaking suspicion that I might be wrong about that. ;)


Monkee said...

School means schedule, normalcy, busy/tired kids. It means ROUTINE. I LOVE ROUTINE! I like things to be organized and ordered. Everyone knows what to do and where to be. My house stays clean, my chores stay done because I have a purpose and a goal.

However, Summer is awesome because I am tropical and therefore not uncomfortable/under 18 layers of clothes. I love the fact I can wake up at 10 till 7 and focus on ME and getting MYSELF ready and not breakfast/waking kids up/making sure they are properly dressed and where they need to be. Summer also means only making *2* lunches instead of 5 every night. My kids can play outside until darktime, and if they want to spend a week a grandma's it's ok.

Like you, I am conflicted. :) We start Aug 24th.

Sarah said...

Well said, Joy. Sigh...