Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Smoky Mountains Reunion, Part 3: Something to be proud of

Being surrounded by family...children, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, cousins...laughter, chaos, games, food...oh so many blessings...

Being surrounded by all of this is what would often inspire my husband's Grandpa to look at his wife and say, "Look, Ma, just look at what we started!"

I love that story. I love that sentiment. I love that feeling of pride and happiness and fulfillment that comes with saying that.

I've seen it with my husband's side of the family, and I've seen it in my side of the family. We are richly blessed, and I am so grateful for what we've been given.

On my side, two sisters...
...met two handsome men...
Look. Just LOOK at what they started!
One sister, my Aunt Pat, married my Uncle Bob...
...celebrate 60 years of marriage, 4 children,
3 daughters-in-law and 1 son-in-law,
and 12 grandchildren!
The other sister, my mom, married my dad...
...and celebrate 48 years of marriage, 4 children, 3 son-in-laws,

and 9 grandchildren!That's something to be proud of!
All the fun, the laughter, the love, the chaos...everything!
I look at these pictures and I think of all of these people that I love so dearly, all of the holidays, the vacations, the games, the music, the FUN, the support and encouragement, the close bond that's formed over lifetimes of ups and downs shared together.
And my heart swells.
My Aunt, Uncle, Mom, and Dad started all of this, and through the years have encouraged these family bonds. I so appreciate this family they created, and am inspired and hopeful that when Dave and I celebrate our 60th anniversary (we celebrated 14 yesterday!), we can be surrounded by our siblings, kids and grandkids and say, "Look! Just look at what we started!"

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