Monday, June 6, 2011

A Brand Spanking New...

6th grader!!! (It's official...I'm the mother of a middle schooler! That is crazy talk!)
Henry told me that all of the kids in the school lined up in the hallway and gave the 5th graders high-fives today! Love that!
Friends since kindergarten (plus one little brother)!
Sigh...Henry will miss Mrs. Bateman.
Here's my brand spanking new 4th grader, although he insists that he's not a fourth grader right now. He said that he is a "summer-vacationer". Funny boy, that Seth!
And, of course, my brand spanking new 2nd grader! How in the WORLD is my baby in 2nd grade?! I don't get it!
Caroline and Claudia were holding up two fingers for 2nd grade! :)
And, last but not least, my 2nd year of Preschooler with his buddy, Connor!
We had a picnic in the park after school today, and followed that up with signing up for the library's summer reading program. The rest of the day was full of playdates, a book swap, and a sleepover for Henry.
And I'll leave you with...two cute, very hot kiddos enjoying cookies in a tube!

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