Monday, June 6, 2011

An American Barbeque

My husband works for a company that his grandfather built. One of the company's suppliers is based in Taiwan. Some representatives of that supplier came into town, and one of Dave's co-workers hosted a barbeque for them, our company's employees, and their families.

It was such a fun evening! The president of the Taiwanese company brought toys and games for the kids to play.
Grandma, wife of the founder of the company :), got a front-row seat!
The kids were fascinated by these gifts that came from half way around the world!

There was so much for the kids to do! The trampoline was a big hit,

as was the hammock.
When Charlie and Henry decided to play pirate ship and rock the hammock in a way that made me a little nervous, I decided to put the kabosh on that. After I took a picture. ;)
Then there was this excitement. The kids found two HUGE spiders!!! Look at the size of this thing!
Young Charlie caught and contained the beast. This was his dance of celebration. :)
"YESSSSSS!!!! I caught the TARANTULA!"
Henry was quite impressed with his young cousin's catch, and gave him a high five.
Up next: roasting marshmallows and making s'mores.
Yummm...Seth's favorite!
Our friends from Taiwan had never had s'mores before. Here they are tasting one for the first time, and taking pictures of the moment.
I think they liked the s'mores. ;)
So did this young man...

Then our friends had a gift for the adults!
We each got to choose a beautiful good luck necklace in honor of the Dragon Festival holiday on June 5th.
To cap off the night, our host lit Chinese lanterns (like the ones in the movie, Tangled)...
and we all watched in wonder as they flew away!

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