Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy birthday, Henry!

Henry is now the big "1-2"!

We had a little birthday party for him in the morning. He was a pretty happy boy. He had his favorite breakfast, everyone doted on him, and he got cool presents like a swivel scooter, Lego Minifigs, Risk, and Hex Bugs and tracks.

After school, the birthday boy was very busy with swim practice, homework, and boy scouts. His brothers and sister were at various sports practices too, but we did manage to have pizza together for dinner. Unfortunately, there was no time for cake, so that's what we're doing tonight. We're just extending the Henry celebration a little bit. :) Next weekend he's having his best buddies spend the night, and he is definitely counting down the days.

We decided not to host an extended family party this year, although now I am questioning that decision. Dave and I thought that because we had so many house projects going on, that adding hosting a party to the mix might push me over the edge. ;) We've been painting, deep cleaning, installing a dishwasher, installing the basement ceiling, decluttering and boxing things up for Good Will, etc. That, in addition to end of school activities, field trips, sports practices, and working out has left me feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of entertaining. I talked to Henry about it, telling him that we would be seeing both sides of the family soon, and that we'll celebrate then. He seemed ok with it, but I can't help but feel guilty. I do love to have family over. We are richly blessed in that way.

Hopefully we'll be more on our feet next year.

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