Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Random thoughts on a Tuesday morning

--So thankful for news about my Aunt Pat...she was supposed to have surgery today, but the surgeon called off her surgery when the problem he was going to fix was not a problem anymore! Prayers were answered, that's for sure!
--I'm very proud of my oldest boys, Henry and Seth. We all did a 5K on Sunday, which was their very first one! They said they wanted to do another one, so I'm going to sign them up for the 5K in our town this summer. Henry said that this next time he wants to beat me. I wouldn't be surprised if he did with all of the exercise he'll be getting through swim team this summer!
Here they are enjoying some snacks after the race.
--It was a big day physically for Henry. He ran the 5K in the morning and swam with his team for an hour and a half that evening! (He slept in late the next morning!) There was a meeting for parents of swimmers at that practice, and there I was so surprised that Henry's fourth grade teacher was the team's board president! Henry was so happy because she was one of his favorite teachers, and he'll be able to see her a lot this summer. :) He is very excited to be a part of this team, loves his coaches, and is already making some good friends.
--The 5K went OK for me. A couple of weeks ago, one of the kids was supposed to put a bucket of chalk away in the garage, and instead of doing what they were supposed to, they put the bucket on the stairs in the garage. I tripped on it on the way to get some milk from the outside fridge, and hurt my knee. It bothered me when I was going down stair or running, so I was doing some fast walking and swimming for my workouts. The night before the race I tried running on it again, and I could still feel the injury. I was disappointed because prior to the injury, my training had been going so well, and I was really looking forward to improving my time. I convinced myself that I would only walk the race because I was scared that I would undo any healing my knee had done. At the beginning of the race, I walked. After about the first 200 yards, I couldn't resist it anymore, and decided I would run slowly. I felt the injury a little, but it wasn't bad. So I ran a little faster. It still felt pretty good, so I caught up to the boys. I ran with them for a little bit, and then they decided to walk. It was a challenge to run a race at a slower pace than I would have liked to, but I think that doing that, and feeling like my injury is healing, gives me motivation to do better in my next race. I think that I've caught the "running bug", and am looking in to joining a running group this summer.
--Seth was putting a puzzle together this morning as a part of a homework assignment about the United States. I heard him excitedly showing Evan the state of Tennessee, telling him that we were going there with our cousins and family in just a few short weeks!! We're counting down the days, family, and are SOOOOOOOO thankful to have family to enjoy and love.
--So...is there any doubt that this boy has a big case of puppy love too? These two are constantly playing, wrestling, chasing, and snuggling together. She is VERY sweet and funny with him, and INCREDIBLY tolerant.
Moxie was watching her best dog friend, Charlie, out of our window this morning. Evan seized the opportunity for a little squeeze.
I am so glad that he and all of our kids have this dog to love. :)

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Mary Ellen said...

The pictures of Evan and Moxie are priceless! Thank you for sharing the photos of the happenings in the lives of our Elburn Family! The Hulk figure is on my nightstand! Thanks Evan!

grandma Orton