Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Go, go, go...

Wake up.
Make breakfast.
Have kids do chores and inspect them.
Henry and I make lunches.
Seth packs the snacks.
Drive the kids to school.
Pick up Robbie from preschool.
Take Evan and Robbie to McDonalds.
Chat with my sister. :)
Evan naps in the car, I hang out in Sear's parking lot.
Pick up new dishwasher, that HALLELUJAH, will actually clean our dishes! WOOT! (A hallelujah and a woot. That's big.)
Drive home.
Do some laundry.
Pick up kids from school.
Take Henry to allergy shots while other kids do some homework and reading.
Make eggs, bacon, toast and fruit because breakfast is a fast thing to make for dinner.
Dave coaches Evan's soccer team, bathes Evan, and then goes on an appointment.
I have the kids rotate through showers, flash cards, reading, homework and piano practice.
I bemoan the fact that I can not split myself into 4 people.
The kids clean up and brush their teeth.
I just tucked the kids in bed.
Next on the agenda: clean up kitchen, put MORE laundry in, run on my treadmill (11 days until my next 5K!) and watch American Idol.
Then...the grand finale...and I love this part...I fall asleep the minute my head hits the pillow. ;)

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