Saturday, May 7, 2011


Last fall, I decided that I needed to paint every room in our entire house.

OK, maybe I'm exaggerating slightly, but I did decided that I needed to paint our kitchen, breakfast area, family room, main bath, stairwell, playroom, hall, master bedroom and master bath. Considering I started in October when the holidays were just around the corner, you can see that I picked a very wise time to start a huge painting job like this.

I think that my sanity could have been questioned at that time in my life.

Especially because I had painted splotches like these ALL. OVER. MY. HOUSE. Beautiful.

Before the holidays, I did paint the kitchen, breakfast area, family room and main floor bath. And because I tried so many samples EVERYWHERE, I was ever so much happier with my final color choices. Having a solid color in those rooms was a very good thing. However, I didn't touch the rest of the walls.

Then the holidays ensued. And recovery from the holidays. And February. And March. And most of April. So from October to a week ago, we lived with splotchy walls through out most of our house. It was a wonderful tribute to my wise planning and sanity. ;)

It really got to me this past month. Although I tackle most painting projects without much grumbling, painting the stairwell, playroom and hallway COMPLETELY overwhelmed me. After listening to me melt down about it one night, my sweet husband took pity on me and said that we would ask his Uncle Gary to paint for us.

And so now, NO MORE SPLOTCHES! Uncle Gary did a beautiful job, and I am a happy girl!

We also retired our old dishwasher, and welcome a new one that is quieter and actually works! Dave just installed it today. I think that this dishwasher and I will be very happy together. (Look! It's even smiling at me!!)
Finally, I bought a picture to hang above my Aunt Shirley's piano, and it makes me very happy. That, plus a picture of my aunt, grace that space.
Next week, Dave and Uncle Gary are installing the rest of the ceiling in our basement. Dave did some of it on his own, but needs an extra set of capable hands to do this next part.

And me? I'll be taking care of the splotches on the walls in our master bedroom. I can't wait to have one solid color in there!

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