Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ohhhh, Evan...

What did you do?
It was a banner day for Evan. He broke a lamp and he gave himself a haircut today. Apparently, he felt a compelling need to show off his "four-ness".

Earlier today, I brought him to Great Clips. His hair was looking a little long. Although I sometimes cut the boys' hair, I decided to let a professional do it this time because we have a family reunion coming up in June. The stylist did a great job. Evan's hair looked just the way I like it, which is a little longer on top and shorter on the sides. As a finishing touch, she asked Evan if he would like her to spike his hair in front with some gel. At first he said no, I think because he was a little uncertain of what she was going to do. In the end, she convinced him that it would look cool, so he went along with it.

When he looked at himself in the mirror, I could tell that he wasn't so sure about this new look. Five minutes into the car ride home, Evan had flattened the spikiness out of his hair. I asked him why he did that. He said, "That spiky hair looks like a hairstyle. Hairstyles are for girls."

Apparently, the spiky hair look was not manly enough for him.

For the rest of the day, I didn't give it another thought until after dinner. Then I thought that during Evan's bath tonight we would have to really scrub his head to get all of the hardened gel out of his hair. That's when I heard...

"Mooooom...My hair is not getting any longer..."

What? What in the world does that mean?

I was just about to go see what he was talking about, but Henry beat me to it. And then I heard from Henry, "Mom, Evan's cutting his hair!"

I ran upstairs to assess the damage. It wasn't too bad, but I did need to use my clippers again to even it out. So glad I paid for that haircut. ;) I asked him why he did it. He replied, "I just didn't like those spiky things in my hair." So the game plan was just to cut those offending girly spikes off.

Then we discussed the benefits of soap vs. scissors, and how only mommy and stylists cut hair. I don't have any pictures of Evan after his haircut, so you'll have to trust me that he looks very handsome. :)
Shortly after this picture was taken, he was chasing Moxie around, tripped over a lamp's cord, and sent it crashing to the floor. It was broken beyond repair.

It's a good thing he's cute, lol. And fortunately I never loved that lamp anyway! Oh well, I guess I now have an excuse to buy one I do like. ;)

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Monkee said...

wow! Sounds like someone had a big day! lol! He looks just as handsome now as I am sure he did before :P