Tuesday, March 17, 2009


What a gorgeous St. Patrick's Day!!! I love spring...it has to be my favorite season. I know that we'll have more cold weather, but how fabulous that more of this warm weather is going to be coming our way!

After school, and after naps, we all headed outside to soak in the sunshine. The older boys headed out to the pond to "fish", explore, and throw rocks in the water. The younger ones headed right for the sandbox, digging in, getting nice and dirty, and generally having a wonderful time. The older ones didn't want to be left out of good, sandy fun, so they joined in. There was also a lot of sliding and swinging going on. We've all missed this.

Henry and Seth at the pond
Seth and Evan going down...
down! Weeeee!!!
Seth in motion
How many Noseks can you fit into a sandbox?
Evan bringing a "birthday cake," complete with candles, to Caroline
Evan served Caroline quite a large portion of cake!
I think I know where Evan will be when the weather's warm!

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