Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Art Gallery by Caroline

Our sweet Caroline...she always has crayons or markers in hand...and the fun ideas she comes up with...and the sheer quantity of artwork she delivers on a daily basis...she amazes me, and makes me happy. Love that girl!

(Speaking of art, one of Henry's pictures that he did in art class at school was chosen for the district art fair! He was sooo excited, and made me write down the date for the fair in my calendar right away.)

I love the detail in this picture, the leaves on the tree, all the clouds, pumpkins (in the spring!), a little girl with rainbow hair, and even, if you look very closely, a worm in the dirt!
Rainbow hair is a recurrent theme in Caroline's pictures
I had to include this menu Caroline made for lunch yesterday. Her restaurant was offering PB&J, carrots with dip, chicken nuggets and ketchup, as well as "chips with little green things on them" because they are her favorite (sour cream and onion chips).

Potty training update:
Evan had another great day! He had two accidents, but also made it a couple of times too. Keys to his success today: Elmo juice boxes (such a find I made at Aldi, he loves them!), his "Where's Spot?" book (I think we read it at least 10 times today), and squirting Mommy with his water bottle (that kept him sitting for long stretches). He's very proud that he can pull his pants up and down all by himself, and can climb up on the potty all by himself. He's a big boy!

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