Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Three Sons

I am so proud of these boys! The older two came home with wonderful report cards, improving in all areas we had focused on. Henry's teacher actually wrote, "Yahoo, Henry!" in the comment section! Love that!

So, I wanted to take a picture of Henry and Seth with their report cards before Seth left for cub scouts...of course, Evan wanted to be a part of it, in all his lasagna-faced, training pants glory. I'm proud of our youngest too. He continues to do a fabulous job potty training. And lest you think that I am not proud of our daughter today, I am, very much so. She was an excellent gardener's helper/worm collector this afternoon.


Mary Ellen said...

Another "Yahoo to the Nosek Boys" from Wheaton, IL. I am so proud of your accomplishments!
Let's give a "Big Yahoo" to the Editor of the Nosek News! If there was a Pulitzer Prize for Blogs, my vote would be for the "Nosek News." You not only keep us current with pictures of our precious grands but you have the gift of picturesque words to describe what is going on in their daily lives. Thanks Sarah for starting my day with a smile!

Sarah said...

Thanks, Mom! You are always so encouraging!
Love you,