Sunday, March 22, 2009

It was a busy day...

I think that it would have been tough to fit more in today.

The kids had a friend sleep over last night, so this morning we started by making pancakes and banana bread. The kids spent a lot of time outside making "campsites" in the tall grass behind our house, while I was watching them from inside so that I could work on potty training Evan. Dave (with some help from Henry and Seth) built some shelves in the garage, and between the afternoon and tonight after the kids went to bed, we've done a lot of organizing. While Evan napped, Caroline and I turned some of the mulch over in our garden.

We're tired, but feeling very good about what we got done.

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Mary Ellen said...

Good morning Nosek Family,
I haven't even had my morning coffee! I couldn't wait to check in on the Garage Makeover! When is the garage party? Good job on all fronts!