Friday, March 6, 2009

The Polka-Dot Carpet in the Playroom

This morning, right after I dropped the boys off to school, I was setting up a computer game in the playroom for Caroline. Caroline was waiting, pretty patiently for a little sick girl, because Mom was having technical difficulties. (She's doing much better today!) Evan, I thought, was doing a rather good job of entertaining himself. He was walking around the playroom, and I thought that he must be looking for one of his toys. I turned around in the swivel chair to check on him, and noticed what I thought was red fuzz all over the floor. On closer look, I figured out that I was actually looking at was little spots of blood, and that whenever Evan took a step, he made another spot!

Apparently, he cut his toe. It must not have hurt him too much, because he never cried or complained about it (that is, until I tried to wash it and put a bandaid on it!). He might have even been fascinated by the process of walking and leaving tracks. I could see that happening.

So, I spent the morning cleaning the carpet. Looking on the bright side, I've been meaning to do that.

I'll spare you the picture of my polka-dotted carpet, and instead share with you a picture of Henry and Seth looking for tadpoles this afternoon. What a nice day it was!

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