Saturday, March 14, 2009

Seth's Choice

Seth has been reading more and more lately, and I have been so pleased to watch this happen! For a while when he read, sometimes he would be excited about it and sometimes he would just do it because it was part of our daily routine. He does have an excellent role model in Henry, as that boy really gets into his books. Last night, I let the boys stay up to read as long as they wanted, knowing with as big as a day as they had yesterday, they wouldn't be able to stay up too late. However, I honestly don't know how long they read, because I fell asleep reading to Caroline :).

First thing this morning, Seth came downstairs, and this is how I found him on the couch. Not watching TV, not asking for breakfast. He just wanted to curl up on the couch and read.
I am very proud of him, of all of the progress he is making. I am excited that he seems to be developing a love of reading, and I know that will make his journey in school a more successful one.

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