Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What to do?

When you've already played Avengers, Nerf guns, and foosball...
And your Wii is broken so you can't play Lego Star Wars...
And your friend doesn't want to play Legos or playdough...
What are two 6 year old friends to do??
Stratego!!  I couldn't believe when these two pulled this game out and excitedly started setting it up, talking about what their older brothers and dads taught them.  And if they actually started playing, my jaw was going to be on the floor.
After a few minutes, they decided that they couldn't remember enough, so they pulled out another game.  Sorry was definitely more up their alley.  I was so impressed because they were able to play the game for the most part on their own, with just a little bit of advice from me as far as strategy.
If you have ever played this game, you know that it can last forEVER.  They stuck with it, which just floored me too!  They had a great time, and Cash said that he wants to play this game again when he comes back to our house.  :)

So Cash and Evan's first play date went really well.  I'm kind of glad that our Wii wasn't working, although I am crossing my fingers that its not permanently broken!

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Joy Brown said...

I always loved sorry. That game was always more up my Alley than Stratego...or Risk...Bee likes those kind of games though...even plays them on his phone...the concept is lost on me lol!!

ps- I googled, and it looks like there actually IS a few Civil Air Patrols in the Chicago area and a few in other parts of Illinois. I am not too sure where you are at, but I am sure you could find one close! :) I think we paid $60 for the year for her. That included her uniforms and her training (Including flights!) :)