Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Tonight, after completing homework, religious education class, and dinner, we needed to blow off a little steam.  So when the kids decided they wanted to play Twister, we were game!

Evan started out as the "spinner", which meant that he got to tell his brother and sister where on the game board to put their various appendages. 

I'd say he kind of got a kick out of his job!

Then, it was Caroline's turn to spin, and two brothers competed.

Evan started talking smack to me, so of course I had to challenge him.

I won't say who lost, because I wouldn't want to embarrass him.  (Just kidding...I was on the losing end!)

This boy is like a rubberband...

as is this one...

and our daughter too!  I think if I challenge them to Twister in the future, I'll have to start stretching now!

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Joy Brown said...

I always loved Twister :) What a great family memory :)

I am glad you found a CAP near you! Hopefully Henry will want to try it out! It's a lot of fun and Cass loves it! It makes for a long Tuesday in our house, but it's worth it :)