Friday, February 8, 2013

Friends Forever

These two friends met in preschool way back when they were 4 years old. 
Elyse and Caroline were in Kindergarten and First Grade together.  They have gone to the same camps, vacation bible schools and Brownie meetings.  They have had countless play dates and sleepovers.

You can imagine the heartbreak when Caroline found out that Elyse was moving away.  Our neighborhood threw a big good-bye party for her family.  The girls, as always, had a great time.

Caroline made a beautiful card for Elyse...

This is what she wrote...
Dear Elyse,
I will miss very much all of the times I had with you.  I'm happy we both have I Pods so that we can email each other.
I know you will make lots of new friends.  But I hope you will always remember me.

The last half hour of the party was heart-wrenching.  So many tears, sobs, hugs. 

Caroline cried and cried after we left.  I cuddled with her in bed, and we talked about how they could keep in touch through email, skype and facetime.  That is just what they have done, and it is so very sweet.  Maybe someday we'll even go to visit them.
We miss you, Elyse!


Joy Brown said...

So very sad :( I know how she feels. My BFF (BFF Rose) is moving March 31st to Florida. I will miss her very much, but I plan to visit as much as I can :)

Sarah said...

Awww, Rose! That is tough! :(( However, Florida will be a fun place to visit! :)