Saturday, February 9, 2013

All Scouts, All Weekend

Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a little with that title.  However, we do have our share of scout stuff this weekend.

Henry has been working steadily towards his 1st class scout advancement.  He needs to be a 1st class scout by March because otherwise he can't participate in a law merit badge.  So part of our Friday night fun consisted of Henry and Dave learning how to do different kinds of lashings (binding sticks together).  Then it was early to bed because Henry and I had to be up at 5AM to help out at the troop pancake breakfast.  He was a dancing pancake, helped serve, and I made coffee.  It was a busy morning.
When we were done, my parents, Dave and the kids joined us for breakfast.  Thanks, Mom and Dad!
Then Henry and I stayed for a meeting about the high adventure trip he is going on next summer (2014) to the Boundary Waters.  He's so excited because this is the first high adventure trip he will get to go on, and because many of his friends are going too!  Dave or I might join them on the trip.

Next I handed off the scouting baton to Dave, who took Seth to his last official webelos scout den  meeting ever.  They are put the finishing touches on their Arrow of Light they made for Seth's  crossing over to Boy Scouts next weekend.  Henry will get to participate in the ceremony!

Tomorrow Henry and Dave will be working on the last advancement (orienteering) Henry has to do to advance to First Class Scout!

We're so proud of our Scouts!


Joy Brown said...

Wow! Sounds busy, but fun! We have several friends who's boys are involved in scouts. They had some sort of big camping trip this weekend :) I wish both boys luck with their new transitions! :D

Sarah said...

I am so excited to have them both in the same will be so much easier on our schedule!