Monday, April 9, 2012

What have we been up to?

During my little blog hiatus, Dave and I were pretty busy.  We painted our office!  It was a really big moment when it was all done because EVERY SINGLE ROOM IN OUR HOUSE IS NOW PAINTED!  Woot woot!  Yes, it has taken us nearly 6 years, but that's ok.  It's done!  We chose Putnam Ivory for the color, and it turned out pretty well.  It's kind of a neutral gold.
We worked outside a lot too.  We did the spring clean-up, and weeded like crazy.  The early warm up has been wonderful, but WOW there were a lot of weeds growing!  We got all of that under control and then had 6 yards of mulch delivered to our driveway.  We spread all of that in the garden beds, around the trees and by the swing set, and we pretty much did that all in one day.  I can't even begin to express how sore I was the next few days.

Then Dave replaced the wood slats in our garden bench because a few of them were broken.  It looks like new!  Great job, Dave!
Finally, Dave said I could order a wrought iron set for our front porch as a Mother's Day gift. It took me a while to find a set that cost what we were willing to spend, but I found it, Dave put it together, and we like it!
We have a few rust spots on the front porch that we will need to clean, but in the mean time, my mom lent us this really cool outdoor rug that was made from recycled garbage bags!  I'm looking forward to sitting on our front porch this spring and summer with friends and family.

Now, if I can get the spring cleaning done inside the house, I will be a happy girl!

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