Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy birthday, Moxie!

Our puppy is two! Judging by all of the celebrating we did, I think its safe to say we love her a little bit.

Just look at how Caroline decorated the living room for her in the following clips.

This card from Great Grandma arrived in the mail yesterday.  She always send a card to each of the kids for their birthday and every holiday.  She even sent a card for Moxie!

I love, love, LOVE the way she cuts words and pictures out of magazines to add to her cards!  She found the word "Moxie" and a picture of a dog that looks just like Moxie.  Great Grandma even added her own picture right next to Moxie's!

Yesterday afternoon, Evan's buddy, Connor came by with this great card for Moxie!
Connor's mom and I laughed that Connor added a portal to Moxie's card. How did he know that Moxie loves portals? ;)
Moxie's big sister made a card for her too!
After dinner it was time to open presents.
She got a pink squid tug of war toy,
some treats,

rawhide shaped and decorated to look like cupcakes,
and a HUGE bone!
Then it was time to sing happy birthday, so the kids wanted to have Moxie sit in the birthday chair. It gave me the perfect opportunity to snap a picture of all of them. It is no easy task to get a good picture of all of the kids and the dog. This one turned out pretty well.
On first glance, this one looked to be even better. However, if you take a closer look...

you see THIS. Nice, Evan. ;)
Happy birthday, Moxie!

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adrien broussard said...

That is a really good shot of Moxie holding the card. I really like this picture a lot!