Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Eve

On Saturday, we got together with the Orton side of the family at my parents' house.  My mom and dad set up an Easter egg hunt in their back yard.
They have a magical much garden to explore, and lots of places to hide eggs!

 Love these two!

After the hunt, my mom and dad gave Caroline a cross necklace and prayer bracelet for her first communion.  It was so nice that they gave them to her now because now she can have them for the first communion pictures she will take next week!

Evan kept himself entertained after the egg hunt by collecting all of the Kentucky coffee tree seeds that he found in the yard.  I think he gathered about 100 of them, and he wants to plant them all in our yard!  We would have quite a forest!

After the outside fun, we stood around and watched the microwave for entertainment.  Just kidding!  We did the annual "Nuke the Peep" and watch him grow HUGE.  Its always good fun!
Caroline couldn't see, so I lifted my little girl up.  She is getting so big that I don't think I'll be able to do that next year!
Here's our kids with their cousin Robbie!

And one last picture...Robbie and Evan posing for a picture!
Thanks so much for all of the Easter fun, Mom and Dad!

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