Thursday, April 12, 2012

Caroline's First Reconciliation

Caroline is one step closer to receiving her First Holy Communion!  Tonight Caroline had her first reconciliation.  She was so brave when she went to confess her sins to the priest, and when she came back to the pew, she gave me a big hug.  I asked her, "What was that for?"  Smiling, she said, "It was my penance because I told the priest I had disobeyed you."  It was so sweet!  I asked her if she had been scared, and she said that she wasn't because the priest was really nice.  On the way home, I asked Caroline to put her jacket on.  She started to say no, but quickly changed her mind.  After she said "Yes, Ma'am," she told me that she wanted to obey because she wanted to keep her soul "clean". :)
Only one more week until this little girl's big day!

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