Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fire station Field trip

Evan and I went on a field trip with his class to our local fire station. It is close enough to his preschool that we were able to walk there.  When we got there, some firemen took us on a tour of where they sleep, eat and hang out when they are on duty. 

After the tour of the firemen's living space, one of the firemen dressed up in his protective gear for the kids.  I like that they do this because it teaches the kids that if they were ever in a fire to not be afraid of the people that are trying to help them
Next came the REALLY exciting part!  The kids got to sit in the driver's seat of the big fire engine!  What a thrill!
Then they got to sit in and learn about a real ambulance.  That was Evan's favorite part!
We walked back to school just in time to have a little snack
and take a group picture of the kids in the fireman hats!  Evan's in the middle of the back row.
What a day!

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