Sunday, February 12, 2012

What a day!

The kids are in bed, Dave's playing basketball, and I'm sitting at my computer reflecting on the day. I look around my house tonight, and I feel a sense of accomplishment. Now, if anyone else were to look around the house, they might not get the sense that a lot was done, especially because there are still some groceries on the counter, and some clutter hanging around. However, I know...
--that all of the laundry (7 loads) was washed, dryed, folded, hung and put away.
--we went grocery shopping for the week.
--piles of papers were sorted, some recycled, some filed.
 --two big social studies projects were done, homework was done.
--Valentines were made for three classes.
--most of the kitchen and family room is cleaned up.

But the biggest accomplishment of all was what Dave did, with some help from the kids...

They installed the floor in our project/playroom/break dancing room (I kid) downstairs!!!
Evan and Caroline helped by standing on the underlayment after it was rolled out.
Seth worked all afternoon with Dave...
The finished results are BEAUTIFUL! (Dave also finished the ceiling and most of the trim as well!!! YAY!)

When it was all finished, the crew wanted to celebrate by trying out their break-dancing moves on the new floor! Good work, Dave and crew!

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