Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Friday Night Fun

On Friday night, Caroline went to a friend's house for a sleep over birthday party.  That meant that we only had three kids for the night, and we couldn't have that.  So Henry invited 2 friends, and Seth invited one friend for a sleep over.  Poor Evan tried to make his case that he was old enough to invite a friend too.  However, as my friend Kathy pointed out, having a sleep over for 5 year olds would be considered torture by some.  So we opted out of that.

Thankfully, the older boys included Evan in whatever they did, so he had the time of his life!  They played a lot of hide and seek in the dark outside.  Then that turned into wrestling, our three boys teamed up against their friends.  Poor Henry practically had to handle them all when Seth went in to use the washroom!
Evan tried to help, but Jack held him off while Alex and Nick double teamed Henry.
Henry tackled Nick, but then Alex tackled Henry.  Unfortunately, Evan went down too.
When Seth came back, he came close to bringing it to be an even match.

Sadly, my boys lost when their opponents captured the prize, which was Henry's shoe.

It was a victory celebrated with a chest bump!
Better luck next time, boys!

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