Friday, February 10, 2012

Good night, Moxie!

Moxie is a cage-trained dog, and really that is a wonderful thing in so many ways.  I am so glad she likes it and that we have a place to keep her out of trouble when we aren't home or are in bed.  However, there is a small part of me that would love to see her sleep with the kids at night.  So lately, we've come upon a good compromise...Moxie comes up to the kids' bedrooms now, and up onto their beds, to say good night!

The kids EAT IT UP!  You should hear the giggles.  I just want to bottle them!
You'll hear what I mean when you watch this next clip, starring Moxie and Seth (as the giggle)...The kids all think its so funny when she spins and digs to find the comfiest spot on the bed.  ;)

Happy dog and happy boy!

Henry invited his friend, Alex, for a sleep over tonight, and they were watching a movie while Dave, Moxie and I were tucking the other kids in.  When the movie was over, I showed these two the pictures of Moxie saying goodnight to the other kids.  They thought it would be fun to "tuck Moxie in" for the night.  Notice how they took up Moxie's favorite sleeping position.  :)
 Then we took Moxie downstairs so she could tuck the big boys in.  :)
 Good night, sweet Moxie!

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