Monday, February 27, 2012

SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You should have heard the collective cheer that rang out at our house when I told the kids that school had been cancelled on Friday. To top it off, school had been cancelled because we had a big snow storm the night before. The poor kids in our area have been very much "snow-deprived", so kids throughout the neighborhood all came out to enjoy what they've missed all winter. :)
The older boys made their snow headquarters in the backyard, while Dad helped the younger ones make their fort in the front.  A recycle bin made a good snow block maker!
The kids played outside all morning, and then came in for some soup and hot chocolate to warm them up.
All of the excitement of the day proved a little much for Evan by the late afternoon.  He was exhausted, and because of that, CRANKY.  He wound up on a time out in the laundry room at one point.  When I went to spring him after 5 minutes, this is what I saw...
He slept like that for about a half an hour!  Fortunately, when he woke up, he was in a MUCH better mood!  :)

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