Tuesday, February 14, 2012

An important day

Seventeen years ago today, Dave and I had our first date.

Fifteen years ago today, Dave proposed to me in my 3rd and 4th grade classroom during our Valentine's day party.

Today, we've been married about fourteen and a half years, and have been richly blessed in our life together.  Life is good.  :)

Among those blessings are four children and one puppy that we spoiled with extra love in the form of...

...a special Valentine's day breakfast of pancakes, bacon and eggs!

...special candy treats!

...and a pork tenderloin dinner topped off with a red velvet cake that Evan helped me to make!
The kids were also spoiled by their grandparents and great grandma with a big cookie treat and some money to spend at their book fair.  Caroline was so excited to finally get her own copy of The Tale of Despereaux.
The kids also received all kinds of valentines from their classmates at their school parties.
Lest you think that I am excluding our oldest in this post, I'm not.  :)  He just had a very busy day...off early to school, jazz band after school, a play date, and a boy scout meeting.  We love you, Henry!

Happy Valentine's Day, family and friends!

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tiago leal said...

So cute! You're a lucky woman!