Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Whirlwind Week and Weekend

I am taking a deep breath because I just spent an hour writing a post for these pictures, and everything suddenly erased. I don't know why it happened, but WOW am I frustrated!! Starting over...

On Wednesday, Henry came home from school early with a fever. The poor kid! His 7th period teacher said that she has never seen a child so green! She actually had to walk him to the office because he was so nauseous, and because he felt like he was going to pass out! They had to bring him out of the school in a wheelchair, which is (heavy sarcasm here) not embarrassing at all to a 6th grader. I feel badly that I didn't keep him home Wednesday morning, and truthfully I should have seen it coming. He said that he had a bad head ache before his cross country race on Tuesday after school, and said that he was super sore all over after the race. I should have thought that sore muscles don't come on so quickly after a race like that. On Wednesday morning he was still complaining of a headache and soreness, but since he didn't have a fever, I gave him a dose of Tylenol and sent him to school Had he still been in grade school, I might have kept him home, but we were both fearful of the schoolwork he would have to make up if he missed school. Apparently, that was a bad call.

He developed a 103 degree fever as well as a severe head ache on Wednesday. Fortunately he was able to sleep, and did that most of that evening and all of that night. (I think part of this sickness was sheer exhaustion. He has been keeping quite a schedule between getting up early for school, cross country, and loads of homework that sometimes keeps him up too late.) The next day his fever and headache got a little better. On Friday, he had no symptoms, which was good but because he had to be 24 hours fever-free before returning to school, he couldn't go.

On Friday afternoon I picked up his stack of homework, and WOW, was it overwhelming. However he did some each day this weekend, and he said that it felt so good tonight to climb into bed knowing that it was all done.

On Friday night, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law and their girls stayed over with us. The next morning, Mark and Nacibe went to the game and we watched the girls. It was a busy day! Sweet Nadia styled Caroline's hair for her soccer game...

We cheered for Caroline and Evan in their games, which they both won. Then we headed over to watch Seth's football game, and Dave announced for it. The other kids watched for a little bit, and then played in a little clearing between some trees, making it their "fort".

Seth's game was great! They won 25 to zero!! See number 4 in there? That's my big, strong football player!

Then we went home. While I was cleaning the kitchen, I was visited by two very scary monsters.

Or maybe it was Anabel and Evan. My young son ADORES his cousins!

Then Dave took the kids to the forest preserve for a hike and to fly a kite while I took Caroline on a Brownie Field Trip to some horse stables! Here's her troop!

Here's Caroline and some of her best friends getting ready to ride some horses...

...which Caroline did for the first time in her life.

She loved it so much that she did it again!

While they were waiting to groom the horses, Caroline, Audrey and Claudia performed a little horse rap. :)

This girl was in LOVE!

At the end of the field trip, the girls posed with this sweet pony...again, they all were in LOVE!
We topped the day off with a sleepover for Caroline with her friend, Claudia, and a run for Henry and I. He has races on both Monday and Tuesday!

Sheer exhaustion is hitting me now. I'm not sure if this post makes sense, and unfortunately, it is going to stay that way if it doesn't. I'm too tired to proofread. ;)

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