Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ryan's first sleepover

Tonight Henry and his friend, Alex, went to a birthday party/sleepover at their friend Josh's house. Josh lives on a farm and has horses there, so all of the boys who went to the party got to have a horse back ride. Henry LOVED it!

So, while Henry and Alex were having their sleepover. Alex's brother, Matthew invited Seth to spend the night. Then Alex and Matthew's brother, Ryan wanted in on the whole sleepover thing. So their parents asked if Caroline could sleep over. We thought that was a great idea, but then it dawned on me that since they already had one of our kids, we could have Ryan sleep at our house. Also, Evan wouldn't be all alone while his siblings were having fun at sleepovers. (However, Evan was a little bummed that Alex, Matthew and Ryan's brother and his friend, Connor, isn't old enough to sleep over yet. Your time will come, young man!) However, the best part of the whole idea was that it would be Ryan's first time to sleep over at someone's house! We were so happy to be part of opening up this fun new world to him. ;)
The kids were busy! They played smurfs (of course), flash light tag, watched a movie,
and made a cake!
I'd say it was a big sleepover success for all of the siblings!

I'm signing off tonight with one last for Ryan's scrapbook. Here you are, Ryan, sleeping with your friends, Caroline and Evan, at your very first sleepover. :)

Good night all!

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