Friday, September 9, 2011

The Smurfiest Smurfday Ever

Look who's 8!!!

Caroline is! She loved her new camera, books and smurfs.

She hurried to get ready for school so that she could set everything up...

and play with her obliging brother. Seth was cracking us up by being "Narrator Smurf" from the movie, describing Caroline's smurf play. His voice was so low and dramatic.

Caroline had a fun day at school where her friends and teacher gave her lots of birthday attention. She had a friend over after school for a playdate, where they played non-stop smurfs. Then we had a family night with a pizza dinner, a movie, and a chocolate cake Evan and I made today.
When I tucked her in to bed tonight, she told me that it was the "smurfiest smurfday ever"!
Happy birthday, sweet Caroline!


The Talking Frog said...

Oh, Sarah, this is adorable! What a beautiful day of Smurfiness.

Tell Caroline that we wish we were there to play smurfs with her.

I am literally smurfin' jealous of that smurfin' set up.

adrien broussard said...

That close up shot of Caroline holding up her fingers is awesome, and so frickin cute. I absolutely adore this shot! This is the kind of picture would look awesome in a large digital picture frame.