Friday, September 30, 2011

A Morning in Preschool

Evan came down this morning completely dressed and ready to go to preschool. He and I were very excited because I was going to spend the morning helping in his class!

Evan has a really nice class. He's got his own little group of buddies that he always plays with (of course Connor is one of them!). It was fun to see them in preschool action. It made me giggle how they played bad guy zoo animals on the doll house. Such boys!

Their lesson/activity for today was making applesauce. Here they are in circle time learning how to do it.

I helped at the station where they cut apple wedges with plastic knives and sprinkled cinnamon and sugar on them.

Next they went to a station where they mashed the apple pieces that had been cooking in the crock pot. (The teacher had prepared some so that the kids didn't have to wait until theirs were cooked.)

When they weren't working at the apple stations, these boys were doing a lot of drawing and cutting. Apparently this is one of their favorite things to do because they are always coming home with lots of their little projects.

Then it was time to sample the applesauce. Most of the kids really liked it!

Right before it was time to go home, the kids started learning a cute Halloween version of "The Wheels on the Bus". They loved it! Click on the videos to let them serenade you!

Untitled from Sarah Nosek on Vimeo

Are they not the cutest pretend skeletons you've ever seen?!

Up next, the bat portion of the song...

Untitled from Sarah Nosek on Vimeo

What a fun morning! Thanks for sharing it with me, Evan!

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