Sunday, September 25, 2011

What a birthday!

On Saturday, we celebrated Seth and Caroline's birthdays with lots of family and fun!

Grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, siblings, mom and dad all turned out to watch the kids in their various sports...Evan and Caroline in soccer, Henry in cross country and Seth in football.

After the football game, we all came back to our house for a little fried chicken dinner. The guys "watched" the father-in-law,

like son-in-law!
Aunt Debby has one of Dave's dad in a similar pose. Apparently, it was the thing to do on Saturday afternoon. :)

This was Seth and Caroline's cake BEFORE...

and AFTER the world's worst dog sampled it. (Love you anyways, Moxie!)

Here's all of the cousins getting ready to sing "Happy Birthday" to the kids of honor. Good looking group, huh? (I'm not really sure what was going on with Evan's lack of attire there!) those puffed-cheek faces, kids!

Caroline had about two bites of frosting and then gave the rest of her cake to a very grateful Evan.

After cake, Anabel, Nadia and Caroline entertained us by doing a game show in the basement.

Anabel was the emcee, while Caroline and Nadia were contestants. They had to answer quiz questions,

and had a silly dress up race game!

We were all thoroughly entertained!

Next, it was upstairs where Henry performed a little trumpet for us, and then Caroline and Seth got to open their presents.

That's a happy boy!

One of Caroline's special gifts was from Grandma Nosek. Grandma had made all kinds of clothes for Caroline's American Girl dolls!

Caroline LOVED them! I LOVE this picture of Caroline and her Grandma Nosek!

Caroline and Nadia put on a little doll fashion show for all of us.

Nadia with Elizabeth in her Knights cheerleading uniform!

Here's the girls with Elizabeth wearing a robe and Julie wearing raingear!

And look at Julie in this sweet dress!

Love these two...Great Grandma and Aunt Debby

My sister, Karen, made some BEAUTIFUL keepsake cards for the kids. She is so talented! This one is for Henry, in honor of his River Rat swim team.
And for Caroline? Smurfette, in honor of her love for all things "smurf". ;)

Seth's card had a knight on it in honor of his football team!

Uncle Jim and Aunt Karen gave the kids new books. Jim always chooses the best ones out there, prereads them, and then writes a special message in them for the kids. (This is how I found them this afternoon, reading their books from their aunt and uncle!)

After we said good bye to our family, we went to the local forest preserve for a cub scout camp out. You know, because we didn't have enough going on this weekend. :) Honestly though, it was so much fun, and we actually got a decent night's sleep.

This is a picture of Henry and Seth and some of their BFFs.

Here's Evan with one of his BFFs, Connor. They were so cute having a little conversation at breakfast this morning.
Happy birthday, Seth! We love you, favorite 10 year old!


Jim Wilcox said...

Cool Kids, cool birthday, and cool pics! Love you

Sarah said...

Thanks, Jim! Love you too! :)