Friday, February 4, 2011

Happiness is...

playing Playdough with a pal!

Evan LOVES his good buddy, Ryan, so when I told him that Ryan was coming over for a playdate this morning, saying that he was excited would be a major understatement. ;) He asked when he would be coming, and I started to say, "As soon as you get dressed..." I was going to continue with, "and we get the house cleaned up a little bit, and Mommy has to shower too." However, he was already running upstairs to get dressed. Hee-hee!

When Ryan finally came, after Evan asked me 42 times when he would get here, they played a little castle, superheroes, and then finally settled on playdough. They played at that for about an hour and a half! I loved how hard they were working at rolling out their playdough, and how they had to stand on their chairs to cut out their shapes.

They Evan got a little silly and made a hat out of Playdough. I'm glad Ryan gets his sense of humor! :)

Then these two cute little monkeys had lunch together.
I'm so glad these two are friends! :)

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