Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard 2011!!

As the kids were dismissed from school yesterday, their teachers gave them the news that there would be no school today because of a huge snow storm that was headed our way. When the kids got home and told me the news, you would have thought that it was Christmas again. They were that excited. ;)

So last night, we let the kids stay up a little later than usual. The wind was howling outside and the snow was blowing, but we had a fire going in the fireplace, and snuggled up together under warm blankets. It was so cozy!

This morning we awoke to major amounts of snow. As in 20.8 inches!!! The kids could hardly eat breakfast fast enough, because they were dying to get outside!

Look at these drifts by our house! They were ready-made snowforts just for the kids!

They stayed out all morning enjoying an amazing winter wonderland, creating snowforts galore.

This is the view from the door out of our laundry room! Look at that wall of snow!

Dave worked all morning plowing our driveway and sidewalk's as well as a neighbor's because he was stranded at work. He's a good guy!

Another fort...
My little snow bunny!

The kids came in for lunch, but then the older three headed right back out into the snow while Evan napped. I was astounded that they could play out in the cold for that long!

Evan headed back out as soon as he was done with his nap...and this is what he looked like when he finally came in for the day. Such rosy cheeks!

We warmed them up with some hot chocolate when they all finally came in. I have a feeling that they will be sleeping well tonight! :)
And that's a good thing...There's no school again tomorrow, so they'll need their rest tonight for all of the snow fun to come!


Mary Ellen said...

Thanks for checking in with us! I just snapped a few pictures of your dad starting to remove the snow blocking the front door. One of these days, I will learn how to send pictures. Maybe even start a blog like you and Lisa.

The grandchildren look like they are in Tundra Heaven. Your dad will take a break from shoveling to enjoy his indoor plant room. Ground hog didn't see his shadow so spring will be here before we know it.


The Talking Frog said...

oh my goodness Sarah! I can't believe how deep it is! Stay warm.....

Monkee said...

Wow! Looks like my house! haha :)