Saturday, February 26, 2011

Family Fun

We've had so much fun these past couple of nights! On Thursday night, we went to Henry, Seth and Caroline's school open house. The kids were able to show us around their classrooms and share some of their school work with Dave and I. On top of that, the kids got glowing progress reports from their teachers, which put me on "Cloud 9" for the rest of the night. :)

Mrs. Zurko said that Caroline is a wonderfully creative story writer, and is a super strong reader! She has many sweet friends in her class, and always is cheerful and helpful.
Mrs. Galvan said that Seth always makes her laugh (as he is in this picture, showing off his lack of opposable thumbs), is growing by leaps and bounds in his math and reading skills, and apparently is the class's current "simile and metaphor star". :)
Mrs. Bateman said that Henry is well on his way to becoming ready for middle school! His organization, quality of work and class participation are all strong qualities in him right now, and that makes his mom and dad so proud!
I can't believe that our oldest will be going to middle school next year!
Then, Henry and Caroline spent some time yesterday morning constructing tents.
I thought it was so sweet of him to spend some time with his little sister like that. :)
And last night, we had a "family date night". We ate together at Chili's (and yes, I successfully "ate clean" there, which is no small feat for eating at Chili's),

where Evan and Caroline provided some dinner entertainment,

Untitled from Sarah Nosek on Vimeo.

and afterward went to see Tangled (rated 6 Nosek thumbs up) in the cheap theaters. Unfortunately, the money we saved on the tickets, we spent at the concession stand. Oh well. ;)
Tonight I'm taking my mom out for a girls' night, dinner with maybe a mani/pedi. Her birthday's in only a few more days! Can't wait, Mom!

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