Saturday, February 5, 2011


I've been on my diet and working out for about 5 weeks now, and all has been going well except that I overdid the running a little bit. I now have runner's knee, and can't run on it again until it heals.

I was discouraged at first because I've been doing really well, feeling motivated and seeing results. I didn't want my knee to derail me from the progress I was making, and I didn't want to use it as an excuse not to work out. So for the past week I've been checking out local health clubs and using guest passes to swim laps. I've been enjoying a different kind of a workout, and although I've never done a lot of swimming, I do feel like I am improving.

Dave has been very supportive of me during this process of getting back into shape. He's watched the kids while I've been working out, and has not complained once about the different foods I'm bringing into the house. This morning he surprised me with an early Valentine's Day present...a year's pass to our local health club. I had contemplated just buying a pass monthly until my knee was better, but he thought that doing more swimming would help me with my back and knee because it is a low-impact exercise. What a thoughtful gift! So this morning Dave again watched the kids while I went to work out.

When I came back home, the kids led me to the back door to show me something. This is what I saw...

Awwww... Apparently he, Caroline and Evan made it together. They followed him in the tracks he made. The thought of it makes my heart go pitter-pat. ;) Wish I could have seen that!

I do believe that this was one of my favorite Valentines I've ever gotten.


The Talking Frog said...

Dave you are amazing! What a great brother in law I have! You are thoughtful and awesome. I can't even believe how sweet that was in every way.

Do you do crop circles too? Love ya, LIsa

(Sarah, you inspire me....)

Mary Ellen said...

Love is in the in in Elburn, IL. Good job son-in-law and grandchildren. I think you need to send a photo to People Magazine!


Tanya N said...

This is pretty much the sweetest post ever! What a sweetheart Dave is;) Can he give some lessons in simple romance to his littlest brother? Although AJ sometimes does sweet and thoughtful things too;) Congrats on all your health successes Sarah... swimming is the best stress relief exercise- I love it and go almost every weekday;) I love stretching in the weightlessness of water. Makes my back feel so good! Don't get too discouraged about the knee. You'll be healed and back at it before you know it;)

Sarah said...

Thanks, Lisa, Mom and Tanya!
I hear you about the water, Tanya. In a way, I'm glad my knee got me started on swimming! So cool that you go so much...its got to help with your back and with your pregnancy! :) Can't wait to see you in March!