Friday, January 28, 2011

Pinewood Derby 2011

Our kids raced their cars in the Pinewood Derby tonight. They lined all the cars up in their levels before the races.

Can you spot Seth's Wedge of Cheese car amongst the Bear Scouts' cars?

And do you see Henry's Hershey's Car amongst Webelos' cars?

And then there's Caroline and Evan's Double Rider Car amongst all the siblings' cars...
Here's Seth waiting for his car to race at the end of the track.
And here's Seth right after his car raced.
Here he is watching the races with his buddies Will and Patrick.
Here's Henry with his buddies Dylan and Grant.

This is Henry and some boys from his den right before their race.

And now the results...

Wait for it...

They were thrilled! When their names were announced on the loudspeaker, you should have seen their faces. :)

Here's Seth with his trophy!

And here's Henry with his! They were pretty proud!
Then it was Caroline and Evan's turn to race. Can you tell they were a little excited?!
They were so proud of their car too! It raced really well. :)
And this picture shows the entire Nosek Championship team. :) I love how Evan is holding his car up so high in the air with such a look of triumph on his face. Way to go, kiddos (and Dave)!
What a night for these two! Congratulations, Henry and Seth!

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