Monday, January 3, 2011


Remember what it used to look like?

Three cheers to my wonderfully handy husband who, when confronted with a leaking pipe in the wall of our downstairs bathroom and the subsequent mold that developed in the drywall, knew what to do. He opened up the wall, had the pipe fixed by our plumber friend, cleaned in the hole with bleach, soap and water, painted with Kilz, put in new protective plastic, redrywalled, taped, mudded, sanded and painted. (OK, I helped with the painting part, but that was it.)

So nice to have a project that has been going on for a month and a half draw to a close. We now have an almost presentable bathroom, which is good because it's on the MAIN FLOOR for all friends and family to see.

I love my husband! :)))

And I have to say, seeing this done inspired me. I got some things DONE yesterday and today. The Christmas decorations are down. I figured out what decorations I wasn't using and put them in a pile to donate. I consolidated what we are using to less boxes. And I organized our storage room and pulled out some more things to donate. Our storage room looks so much better, and I know where things are. And that makes me happy.

It felt so good to get some things done, to make progress on jobs that have been hanging over our heads. The holidays are wonderful, but it's nice to now have more time to tackle this kind of stuff. Now that the bathroom is nearly done, the decorations are put away, and the storage room is more functional, we can move on to the other 43 items on our to-do list. :)

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Monkee said...

Yay! So pretty! You are kind of inspiring me to maybe clean out Bee's closet in the mudroom :) It was an "organized" somewhat mess after moving in, but I was too tired to deal with it. Moving 2 whole households and unpacking it into one was hard work. But now, since the kids throw things in there from time to time, and Bee doesn't know how to HANG THINGS UP, it's becoming sort of a messy catch all...and since I don't have to look at it, I forget about it a lot of times...but it really needs to be organized..again. Hmmm...maybe that can be #6 on my list of resolutions. LOL!