Thursday, January 12, 2012


The much anticipated moment finally came this morning.  All week, the weather forecast called for snow on Thursday morning.  It wasn't snowing when the kids woke up, but right before we left for school, it started!  Caroline looked out the window, saw a few flakes in the air, and screamed "SNOOOOOWWWW!"  Of course, the other kids came running to see for themselves.  (Poor Henry was already at school.)

(You might wonder why Caroline was still wearing her pajamas when we were about ready to leave for school.  Caroline's whole class got to wear their pajamas to school today, as well as bring their favorite stuffed animals.)

After school, all was right in my kids' world.  It had been transformed into a winter wonderland just in time for them to enjoy it over their 4 day weekend!  As soon as they got home, they got all of their snow gear on and played outside until dinner time.  Henry and Evan built a fort together.


 and Caroline did a lot of sledding.
Moxie had a great time bounding through and rolling in the snow.  She was so funny that Caroline and I decided to video her.  Unfortunately, while we were doing that, her tether broke and she ran off.  Thankfully, Caroline and a neighbor were able to catch her pretty quickly. Untitled from Sarah Nosek on Vimeo.

When the kids got cold, they came inside to warm up with some hot chocolate.
I think we're in for a fun weekend!

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