Monday, January 2, 2012

Caroline's Crazy Cool Family Fun Fest

At one of our family parties this year, Caroline and her cousins, Anabel and Nadia, put together a show for our extended family. Today Caroline was remembering how fun that was, and that prompted her to create her own family fun tonight...

It started as a competition between two contestants (Seth and Evan). Dave, Henry and I were the audience. I loved how she set everything up!
The first part of the competition for the contestants was to dress in the craziest costume they could come up with.
The next challenge was to dress in Caroline's favorite colors. Seth refused. ;)
Next up...the Dancing Competition! These kids had some crazy moves!
Evan taught Seth his "booty dance".
Then...a little balloon volleyball.
After that, things got even crazier. Everyone wanted in on the action when it was time for the "Spinning Sword Races"! Look at the fancy way Caroline and Evan started their race, ha!
Dizzy, dizzy, dizzy!
Then it was Caroline vs. Seth...

And Henry vs. Seth!

The "Crab Walk" came next...
Dave and I couldn't resist the challenge of this one! :)
It was such a fun family night, all prompted by our little girl! I think your Family Fun Fest was a hit, Caroline, and that we'll all want to do it again soon! :)

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