Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy birthday, Grandpa!

On Sunday we gathered at my in-laws' house to celebrate Dave's Dad's birthday.  (We love you, Denny!)

I always count my blessings when we get together with our family.  We are richly blessed!

My mother-in-law knitted the CUTEST Smurf hat for Caroline!!  (You might want the pattern, huh Kathy?!) It was a HUGE hit!  Caroline was so excited to wear it to school on Monday, and continues to wear it everyday.  Last night she even slept with it!  She was concerned that some of her friends would not believe her that her Grandma could actually make a hat like that, but when she came home from school, she was happy to report that her friends believed her, and that they all loved it, even the boys! ;)  This morning she told me that her teacher was bringing her camera to school today to take Caroline's picture in her special hat.  Thank you, Jean!

 We all Skyped with Dave's brother, Mike, his wife, Vika, and our young nephew, Dennis.  They live in Germany, so Skype is a wonderful way to keep in touch!

  Aunt Debby and Great-Grandma joined us too!

 Dave and his brother, Mark, took the kids and Moxie outside to play in the snow.  When they came back, Moxie looked like she was wearing moon boots made out of snow!  I had to spend the next hour melting the packed snow off of her paws with a blow dryer, and then I had to remove at least 100 burrs from her fur.  Moxie was pretty patient about it, but she definitely was not a happy dog.  I think that the next time we let her go romping in the snow, we might have to invest in a pair of real boots for her!
Thank you for a fun day, Denny and Jean!

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