Tuesday, January 10, 2012

5 Boys and 1 Girl for Kathy!

My dear friend, Kathy, is expecting her sixth baby at the end of this month. That alone is reason enough to celebrate...but because she's had five boys, and this sixth is a girl, well...that calls for a party full of ruffles, bows and plenty of pink!
So a bunch of her friends and family gathered at my house on Saturday to shower Kathy with lots of best wishes and girly things...
This is the beautiful mother-to-be and her lifelong friend, Lisa...
We had lots of good food and yummy punch. (Thanks for all of your help, friends!)Then it was time to open the gifts, full of sweet sleepers, dresses, jumpers and accessories. This little girl will be quite well-dressed! :)
There was a lot of ooohing and aawwwwwing...
Lucky, lucky girl! :)
She even got a pink Cubs outfit!
Congratulations, Kathy and Tom!!! We can't wait to meet your little girl! (Thank you for making the beautiful centerpiece, Mom!)

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